Paneer Pulao

Paneer Pulao Paneer pulao is similar like vegetable pulao. In vegetable pulao or pilaf rice is mixed with vegetables and mildly flavour with spices whereas in paneer pulao spicy paneer is mixed with pulao rice. In this recipe paneer smells very good and it taste delicious. It goes well with raita or any curry or... Continue Reading →

Home made Ghee | Clarified Butter

Home made Ghee | Clarified Butter Ghee is a class of clarified butter that originated from India. Clarified butter is prepared by evaporating the water and separating the fat from milk solids whereas ghee is prepared by simmering the butter which gives it a nutty taste and wonderfully aromatic.  Today’s recipe is inspired by one of the fellow blogger Cooking time : 20 to... Continue Reading →

Rice kheer

Rice kheer is one of the mostly prepared sweet dishes in Indian kitchens. It is also called as chawal ka kheer or payasam. This is similar to rice payasam made with jaggery in south India. For the preparation of rice kheer usually basmati rice is used. Cooking time : 40 minutes Cooking for : 4... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Pulao

Vegetable Pulao Vegetable pulao or pilaf is a rice dish mixed with vegetables and mildly flavour with spices. It goes well with raita or any curry or without any side dish. It can be made in two ways like with or without onion, ginger and garlic. Today I am preparing without onion, ginger and garlic.... Continue Reading →

Vermicelli Kheer | Semiya Kheer

Vermicelli Kheer | Semiya Kheer Vermicelli kheer or pudding is an Indian desert made with vermicelli and milk. This is an easy and quick desert gets done in 20 minutes. It is also called as semiya kheer or seviya kheer. Cooking time : 20 minutes Cooking for : 2 person Ingredients Vermicelli : ½ cup... Continue Reading →

Mushroom Masala (Gravy)

Mushroom Masala (Gravy) Mushrooms are an excellent food source in additions to any diet or menu. It is high in protein and dietary fiber while being low in fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates. One can prepare different dishes using mushrooms like mushroom masala dry, kadai mushroom, chili mushroom. It is goes well with plain rice, jeera... Continue Reading →

Bhendi Bhaja or Okra fry

Bhendi/Bhindi/ okra fry is a very easy and quick recipe. Also it is one of the favorite veggies at home. It can be used as a side dish in rice and dal or goes well with roti or chapatti. You can prepare different dishes with bhindi like Bhindi (Bhendi In odia) gota masala, alu bhindi... Continue Reading →

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